Latour Offers 2009 Vintage From Chateau, HDH Says

Chateau Latour, a Bordeaux first-growth estate in Pauillac, has made an offer of more wine from its 2009 vintage direct from its own cellars, according to an email from Chicago-based merchant Hart Davis Hart Wine Co.

HDH Wine is pricing it at $3,705 per three-bottle case, or $2,470 per magnum, it said.

According to Liv-ex data on, Latour 2009 traded at 10,500 pounds ($13,640) per 12-bottle case in bond in July 2013, before falling as low as 8,200 pounds in January 2016, then recovering back to 10,500 pounds in January 2017 and slipping back again to 9,000 pounds in June 2020. It has fallen 1.1% over the past 12 months, according to the data.

Chateau Latour. Photo: Guy Collins

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I am a journalist writing about the Bordeaux wine market.

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