Bordeaux Vineyards Experience Warmer Than Average April

Bordeaux vineyards experienced a warmer than normal April, with average temperatures at Merignac airport about 3 degrees Celsius higher than usual, according to data from weather site

After a cold end to March and start of April, with temperatures dipping close to freezing in vineyards on April 3, the mercury climbed above seasonal normals, data show.

The average minimum temperature at Merignac during the month was 10.6 degrees Celsius and the average maximum 20.6 degrees, according to Infoclimat. That was respectively 3.2 and 3.3 degrees above the 30-year average recorded from 1981 to 2010.

Rainfall at 114 millimetres was 46 percent above average, with a dry first half of the month being followed by a wetter second half. Hours of sunshine were close to average, the Infoclimat data show.

Temperatures in vineyards outside the city do vary from airport readings, but Merignac gives a broad indication of conditions in the region.

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I am a journalist writing about the Bordeaux wine market.

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